Welcome to the News section! I use this space to keep people up-to-date about my upcoming work and exhibitions where my work can be viewed publicly.

My medical and biological illustration work is internationally represented, and has been used in museum exhibits, zoos, trails and other public facilities. I’ve also included a list of links to other websites that contain images I’ve designed.

Although I work heavily in biomedical and educational veterinary illustration, I’m always interested in finding opportunities to create compelling images that depict nature. I craft original images that are engaging to viewers, while serving an educational purpose. I hope you enjoy my work, wherever you might happen to see it!

To learn more about biomedical and veterinary educational illustrations by Laurie O’Keefe, please contact me today.

Natural Science Illustrations currently featured at the following exhibition displays:

Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History
-Behring Hall of Mammals/prehistoric mammals and ancient animal scenes

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
-Hall of Ancient Life/ dinosaurs and habitat scenes

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
-Arthropod Zoo

Oregon Zoo-Eagle Canyon

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation-Visitor center interpretive trail signage

Perot Museum of Nature and Science-Rose Hall of Birds

Seattle University-Rain Garden interpretive signage